Are Online Courses worth it? Will they boost your CV?

Today there are hundreds of courses being offered online, some are accredited and some are not, so how do you pick the right course that will […]

Can you lose your job because of your social media behaviour?

Social media networks have grown in massive numbers ever since the inception of Facebook, big companies, politicians and entertainers both use social media to interactive with […]

Is working from home better than office for the Employee?

South Africa has been on lockdown for over a year now and majority of employees have been working from home as this has become the new […]

How to write a cover letter for a job

A cover letter is the one that gives the potential employer a glimpse about you, so it should be very catchy, memorable and straight to the […]

What Must your CV Include?

A CV is one of the most important document that sell us to to the potential employer for a potential job, so it is very important […]

Can you make a living as a freelancer in SA?

Yes, you can make a living in South Africa, in fact you can live a comfortable life as a freelancer , it all depends on how […]

Should I take a low paying job?

Most of us find ourselves with this dilemma or problem to solve, this is just how the job hunting process works and we can not always […]

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