Engineering/ Technical

CAD Coordinator

Full Time

Candidate Responsibilities will include:
Produce underground development layouts using CAD in conjunction with survey and mine planning.
Produce any other plans as and when required by the operation, under the guidance of the Superintendent: Survey.
Engagement and Communication: Establish and maintain good working relationships and an effective / sound communication system with the Technical Services Function.
Provide CAD and Draughting services to the Survey department.
Provide CAD and Draughting services and coaching to other departments as required.
Manage, maintain and update all CAD data and systems as required.
Manage and maintain drafting standards, in accordance with legal requirements
Design and generate mine plans.
Draft and maintain the CAD book of standards.
Demonstrate knowledge and skill in using applicable software packages.
Maintain an inventory of all statutory mine plans, and compile and update statutory mine plans as required.
Know and understand relevant legislative requirements.
Carry out quality assurance and quality control of data integrity

Candidate Minimum Requirements:
A minimum of 4 years experience in a survey or Draughting field
Grade 12 (with Maths and Science)
Certificate COM Mine Survey Draughting
Recognized CAD qualification OR equivalent