Experienced General Manager

Full Time

Candidate Responsibilities will include:
-Define and implement the strategy for operations, finance, HR and communication.
-Optimize the means implemented to ensure the profitability of the activity and implement progress actions to improve the profitability
-Define and implement the business development strategy.
-Establish and maintain a commercial relationship with our main clients and ensure the sustainability of the contract.
-Manage Staff in a highly unionized environment
-Optimize the allocation of resources and the organization
-Manage social relations.
-Define and control the budget and all financial policies of the contract.
-Coordinate the management of projects
-Inform the general management of any serious accident, incident or problem that may have a significant impact on the company.

Candidate Minimum Requirements:
-Minimum of 3 working experience in a factory/warehouse environment
-Master Degree, MBA in management or technical qualification or equivalent
-Thorough knowledge of current applicable laws, rules and regulations for solid and liquid hazardous waste treatment activities
-Substantial knowledge of customer service principles, practices and techniques
-Ability to prepare and present accurate and reliable reports containing findings and recommendations