Medical Centre Nursing Assistant

Full Time

Candidate Responsibilities will include:
-Providing support with the provision of treatment for communicable and infectious diseases
-Implementing first aid procedures
-Assisting with pregnancy and other tests (e.g. urine test)
-Assisting with the admission of clients
-Directing clients to relevant service points
-Assisting with domiciliary visits/recalls
-Applying simple dressings
-Collecting, labelling, and dispatching specimens
-Receiving and filing laboratory results
-Counselling clients regarding HIV/TB/TOP and reproductive health
-Assisting with quality assurance programmes and health promotion programmes
-Assisting with the collection and collation of health information data on clinical activities.

Candidate Minimum Requirements:
-Registration with SANC as an Enrolled Nursing Assistant
-Knowledge and understanding of generally accepted healthcare practices and procedures
-Ability to work in a team and deal tactfully with the public
-Effective interpersonal as well as oral and written communication skills.