Night Shift CSSD Assistant

Full Time

Candidate Responsibilities will include:
Responsible for linen and drape control.
Instrument set management which includes sorting and washing of post operative instruments, missing instruments reported, etc.
Ensures linen packs and instrument sets are managed as per procedure.
Responsible for functional sterilisation equipment.
Maintains a safe working environment according to health and safety standards.
Quality client care principles maintained.
Adherence to IPC and CSSD policies.

Candidate Minimum Requirements:
A Grade 12 or equivalent qualification.
Prior experience in a similar unit will be an advantage.
Willingness to work shifts in accordance with the requirements of the unit.
The ability to identify and report risks related to the working environment.
Understand the functionality of instruments.
The ability to adhere consistently to standards.
Displays a team approach by participating actively and cooperatively with team members.
Maintains a customer-focused mindset that acknowledges the value of the customer.
Exhibits full responsibility for own work outputs.
Understands the basic functioning of an organisation and department.