Engineering/ Technical

Senior Technician

Full Time

Candidate Responsibilities will include:
Ensure Utilities are maintained and serviced.
Responsible for monitoring of all systems that operate 24/7 and will be primarily responsible to respond to a breakdown.
Ensure service providers adhere to cGMP and Bio-safety
Draft and update relevant departmental SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) timeously
Understanding on the principals of PLC’s, VFD’s, HMI’s and safety circuits.
Read control panel electrical diagrams and correlate to installed parts.
Troubleshoot and fault find on control circuits and be able to find solutions to solve current issues or prevent future issues from occurring.
Works from schematics, diagrams, written and verbal instructions.
Conduct complex engineering tests to collect design data or assist in general research work.
Assist in the development of electronic equipment.
Adjust and replace defective or improperly functioning circuitry and electronics components, using hand tools and soldering iron.
Repair or modify cables and equipment returned by operational users or by personnel in the associated test and development areas.
Assemble experimental circuitry or complete prototype model according to engineering instructions, technical manuals, and knowledge of electronic systems and components.
Recommend changes in circuitry or installation specifications to simplify assembly and maintenance.
Analyse and interpret test data.
Adjust, calibrate, align, and modify circuitry and components and records effects on unit performance.
Write technical reports and develop charts, graphs, and schematics to describe and illustrate system consideration by engineers in broader determinations affecting system design and procedures.
Upgrade software and running software tests on existing electronic systems.
Maintain detailed records of validity tests and upgrades performed.

Quality Performance in terms of:
Building GMP Knowledge and Compliance
Driving Innovation and Continuous Improvement
Driving Quality Risk Management

Technical Competencies:
Competent on programming software and hardware relevant to equipment used on site.
Knowledge of pharmaceutical industry standards and guidelines in GMP, Quality and Laboratory Management
Technical report writing
Microsoft Excel for reporting

Generic Competencies:
Planning, Organising, Execution and Delegation
Strategic and Holistic Thinking
Creative Problem Solving and Innovation Skills
Proactive in mitigating risk
Clear, timely and effective communication skills both verbally and in writing
Analytical Ability